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PW Supply Mission to North Point POW Camp

PW Supply Mission to North Point POW Camp

Text on Flickr:

PW Supply Mission to Ngon Shon Chow, Hong Kong

This must be a literal translation of the Chinese name of the camp in Hong Kong., because I can not find even anything close to that name in the list of Japanese PW Camps in HK. Any suggestions?

Actually, the camp is North Point Refugee / POW camp [????- ]

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, September 1, 1945




I agree with kpl, most likely Stonecutters Island.  Was there a POW camp then?


The text may refer to Stonecutters, but I just can't see how the picture can be of it, the hills are just too high and extensive.

Could it be somewhere along Castle Peak Road, say Tai Lam Chung?

This looks like the North Point camp to me. If you look at there's an overhead aerial view that matches this.

Terraced land, trails, hill seem taller/fatter; buildings also unlike on 昂船洲.  Likewise big flat land in front.  大欖涌 like this in 1945?  Camps in locations other than those known for past 70 years? 黐線. ;^)


I agree with David it looks like North Point camp, because the building with the jagged roof is easily recognisable from the link he gives.

Is it possible that when the US Air Force flew these reconnaisance missions they operated from second hand information and had little help from anybody with local knowledge?  The way they named and mislabelled most photographs seem to me to be done by someone who had never visited HK.


Thanks for finding the correct locations. As two of the images posted are incorrectly labelled, what about Is it really North Point Refugee / POW camp [????- ] ?