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The inscription on this battered photo proof from my family's collection needs verifying. It reads "Royal Rose, winner of the Foochow Cup."  Hong Kong Race Meeting 1914. I've seen it reproduced in one of Trea Wiltshire's books, but haven't been able to refind it.

The very recognizable figure of Sir Paul Catchick Chater can be seen leading his horse. My recollection is that Chater's horses were usually called "---- Dahlia" and that the "Rose" stable belonged to another prominent owner. The names of horses were usually changed when they changed owners.

Grateful if anyone can help to identify this photo.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, February 1, 1914


I've now found my notes on the "Rose" ponies, which belonged to Eu Tong Sen. But Eu Tong Sen didn't start racing till 1932 and the names of his ponies tended to start, rather than end with "Rose", hence Rose Elect, Rose Evelyn etc.. So maybe Royal Rose was a Chater pony after all. I'm sure this will be recorded somewhere.


Sir Paul Chater's "Royal Rose" won the Foochow Cup on 16 February 1914. HK Daily Press 17 February 1914 refers. Please see here

Many thanks for the confirmation, moddsey. That's good to know and I shall look it up as soon as Adobe Flash agrees to show me the relevant article.