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1959 Jordan Road

1959 Jordan Road

Near the junction with Canton Road. King George V Memorial Park on the right.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, December 1, 1959


Greetings.  If that is the still-standing 16-storey building on Nathan Road, I would say it was possible to see Nathan Road, then, from the far end of Jordan Road.  The absence of redevelopment on the right side made this viewing possible.  It is nice to see again these pre-war buildings as I attended P1 in 1950 at a school on Wai Ching Street to the left exterior.  By this time, buses to the ferry terminal were using newer and bigger double deckers so  this bus could be one of those that served rural area.   Regards, Peter

1960s Jordan Road
1960s Jordan Road, by moddsey

The main photo shows a building on the left that is under construction and covered in scaffolding. That's Booman House.

It was finished in 1960, so this photo was likely taken in 1959-60.