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A sedan chair, carried by two men. In the sedan chair sits a man in black clothes. This image is several times on the internet, but never with an identification.

© UMAG, Hong Kong


...Sir Hotung??

Dear Nwong,

Thank you for your quick answer and for your reply. Meawhile, I found this picture on the internet, you can find it here. This picture is a bit more detailed. The caption says that it was taken in 1948. While Sir Hotung died in 1956, this could indeed be him. On the other hand, I can't find any photo of Sir Robert Hotung in a rickshaw - I find only portraits of him. 

There are two decorative dragons on the top roof, with a fish at either end. Would that make the building a temple?

It's an interesting set of photos. Are they from an exhibition?

Thank you, David! In fact, I am an intern from Belgium and trying to make an exhibition. The building could be a temple indeed. I've found some other pictures of rickshaw pullers, some in the same style in the Wyndham Street, but I don't think this photo was also drawn there.

Looking at the clothes the ladies who are carrying the chairs are wearing, this was probably taken away from the city, out in the countryside.

Hi David,

Whatever that building is, I believe it was being used as a sadan char station.  This being, there is a backdrop right behind the sadan chair behind in the foreground with a partial drawing of a sadan char on it.  Can't make out the location of it though.


I think the same photo of the temple appears below. Annotated "Chinese Temple in H. K." Location not kown.

1930s Chinese Temple in Hong Kong (Blow-up)
1930s Chinese Temple in Hong Kong, by moddsey

given that on both photos the women all appear to be Hakka then this would be in the NT. I wonder if this was a station on the MTR line - why would so many people be here to help with carriage/luggage unless there was some sort of transport stop here.

Perhaps an old train stop closer to the border or on the Fanling branch line etc?

Thniking along the same lines. A temple near a KCR train station for conveying passengers ?

Have straightened-out the photo and included the temple entrance on the right and the full annotation.It is a commercially produced photo. Have seen the  photo below dated to 1938. So I guess it is from that era.

1930s Chinese Temple (Full Photo)
1930s Chinese Temple (Full Photo), by moddsey