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Wild boar near Aberdeen reservoir

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Wild boar near Aberdeen reservoir

We saw this boar on Sunday, near the BBQ pits by Aberdeen reservoir.

The few other times I've seen a boar it has quickly run away. This one wasn't in any hurry though, even though lots of people were walking past.

Just across the road were the BBQ pits, so I wonder if the boar is in the habit of getting scraps from the area when the people leave, and has become used to seeing people..

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, September 4, 2016


Hi There,

I cannot view the photo up there.  But I wonder if it is the same boar as mentioned here


Hi T,

Photo should be visible again, sorry for that.

Yes, I think that's the same boar. Only one when I passed by, but the linked page says a second boar was there too!

Regards, David

Hi David,

Yes, I am able to view the photo now.

These days wild boars are just everywhere.  A few months ago a coupld of them were spotted along the water front in Aberdeen.  These two were not shy but were also not aggresive.  They did their business and disappeared back into the slopes.

A few years ago someone spotted the presence of wild boars in Ap Lei Chau close to True Light Secondary School just across the bridge.  I had been wondering when would we see some in South Horizons.......

Other than wild boars, there is a slight increase of crow population in the Southern Distract in the past few years.  I've seen some picking waste bins in Ap Lei Chau.


have seen smaller ones around Monkey Hill