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Lau Fau Shan Police Station c.1966

Lau Fau Shan Police Station c.1966

I guess I took this in 1966 but cannot remember the exact date.

The building is light blue and white as constructed, and the two look-out turrets appearing in later photographs had not yet been added. I think the look-outs were constructed soon after the border incidents of 1967 during the 'Cultural Revolution'.

The flag pole has also been repositioned in later photographs, probaby to make it higher and more visible. In this picture, part of the Union Jack can be seen fluttering just above the roof parapet on the right of the building.

If you zoom in on the left, perhaps that is the S.D.I  and a colleague on the balcony, enjoying their first San Miguel of the afternoon. God, New Territories police life was so hectic in those days. Very few villagers were willing to climb up that steep slope in the heat to report a missing duck.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1966