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Detail cropped from this photo:


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1925


Interesting photograph showing Cantonese Constable in winter uniform on Traffic Control Duty.Pagoda is one of the earlier sort,seldom seen,the less intricate type with the high,solid wooden base and a more open metal frame is more commonly encountered..Note the constable's white cap cover,the lack of white gloves or sleeves but the possession of the painted stick with which he would direct traffic,and doubtless admonish errant cyclists or rickshaw pullers who came within range.

Thanks for the information about the scene. Any ideas if the white cap cover has any meaning, eg telling us the wearer's rank or role? Everyone in this photo has the white cover on, so I guess it was just the standard uniform of the day:

1937 Marine Police group photo
1937 Marine Police group photo, by Admin

Moddsey has found out more about the painted stick, official name "Traffic Stave": http://gwulo.com/comment/35886#comment-35886