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This image previously appeared in Terry Bennett's "History of Photography in China: Chinese Photographers 1844-1879", published by Bernard Quaritch in 2013, with the caption:

Fig. 6.10. Lai Fong (Afong Studio). ‘19. – Destruction of Ball’s Court [Hong Kong]’, 1874. From an album of 35 views of the typhoon of September 1874. A competing series of views of the same event was issued by William Floyd’s studio. Serge Kakou Collection.

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It is reproduced here with the permission of the author and publisher.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, September 23, 1874


Can we add this photo to Ball's Court ?

Photo added.

Caption: Another view of Ball's Court [Victoria, Hong Kong].
Photographer: Lai Afong 
Event: 1874. Hong Kong Typhoon 
Genre: Historical
Date: c.Sep 1874



A slightly more distant view from the roadway above the house, showing the harbour beyond. 'This second view of Ball's Court shows still further the handsome and substantial character of the edifice; and bears witness to the wide extent of the damage inflicted. Other buuildings in the neighbourhood are seen to have suffered, though less severely. The uprooted trees are a further indication of the violence of the storm and of its disastrous effects.'