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Grief on a beach-1935

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Grief on a beach-1935

Can anyone recognise this coastline?

Handwritten caption says "near Hong Kong"

As it is an RAF aircraft I would suggest it is a beach in Hong Kong near a village by the number of bystanders assembled

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, June 15, 1935


This is Tai Wan beach in Tai Long Wan in northern Sai Kung. The island at the back is Tsim Chau. There is a reasonable match (once you have oriented SW) on this photo:

Thank you much appreciated. Its been a long outstanding issue

I took a look at the newspapers around that date but didn't see a mention of this crash. Not sure if i missed it. it would have been kept out of the newspapers, or could it have been taken on a different date?

Regards, David

Date & more info from IDJ at:

Possibly Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy) as opposed to Royal Air Force.

RAF pilots flew  the aircraft and RAF personnel maintained them.

The Fleet Air Arm and crews were not seperately constituted from the RAF until 1939.