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Luk Keng with Shataukok Police Stn in the background.jpg

Luk Keng with Shataukok Police Stn in the background.jpg

This panormama was taken in 1967. It appears the fields were still in use instead of being left fallow and the Luk Keng villages were still fully inhabited instead of left derelict. The white building across the Starling Inlet is the Sha Tau Kok Police Station which was at the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The tall mountain is Wutong Shan. Shenzhen was a sleepy place back then. Now Shenzhen is a thriving city and Luk Keng is a sleepy place.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, February 19, 1967


Sha Tau Kok Police Station was built in 1953 and is located one kilometre from the border.

May I know the source of this photo please?

Thank you for your interest. I took the photo myself and digitized the photo. I do not have the negative anymore.

Hello ehktang,

We are a grassroots organization at Nam Chung, Sha Tau Kok and we are working on a community history project to document the life histories of Hakka villagers and the changing way of life in the area. Our website is available here: (Sorry, no English version available yet.)

Your picture will be of immense value to our work. Middle of November the Nam-Luk Coalition is holding their dajiu festival (organized once every ten years). Just wondering if we can have permission to use the picture in an exhibition scheduled in November, and to publish it in a souvenir pamphlet. :)

Please get back to us at Since does not seem to support a PM function.

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I am wondering if you can assist. I came across an old photo belonging to my father. In the background there is road sign 'Luk Keng Road'. Do you know if this is in Luk Keng village and whether or not this road still exist? I am struggling to find much about this road on the net. 

Thank you 


Google shows the route of the road:

If you can upload the photo we may be able to tell you more about the scene - here's how to upload a photo:

It's probably the same Luk Keng Village along Luk Keng Road. There's another Luk Keng on Lantau, though, but without a road by that name.

Please upload the photo if possible and we can help. ;)

Thank you for your reply. I have tried numerous times to upload the photo (MAC) and it is not allowing me to. I am not able to convert PDF to JPG. I googled for instructions for converting to JPG but I don't have the option 'save PDF to iphoto'.  I am happy to email you directly the photo to upload if you are.


Please send the file to and I'll upload it for you.

The photo is online at - please leave a comment on that page if anyone can confirm the location.