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Harbourmaster's office

Harbourmaster's office
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1881


Zoom in and the Chinese reads Dong something Gaai I.e. East something Street

The Chinese words read "東來街", in Cantonese translation it may be "Tung Loi Street".  Coming from the east?  I don't know whether there is a literal meaning to the name.  In any case there is no such street nowadays.


Tung Loi Lane is behind Western Market. The book 'City of Victoria' published by the Urban Council carries the same photo and if I remember correctly, Tung Loi Lane is mentioned. Cheers!

Found it on the Gov. MyMapHK app 1897 map. Tung Loi Lane looks to be on the Harbour side of the building on the 1866 map. So in this photo the harbormaster's office is actually on the extreme Left Behind the Lamppost.

Please add harbormaster's office third location to places.

Tung Loi Street in 1881

In 1851, a big fire on Queen's Road destroyed 472 houses. On instruction from Governor Bonham, the rubble left after the fire was used for reclamation. Bonham Strand and Bonham Street West were constructed on the newly reclaimed land. Bonham Strand was extended to the new Praya with Tung Loi Street being built. The above photo shows the street decorations of the royal visit of Prince Albert Victor and Prince George (later King George V). On the left is the Harbour Master's Office opened in 1874. Tung Loi Street is called Tung Loi Lane today.