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Stanley ration bucket

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Stanley ration bucket

The little silver bucket is what my Dad, Clifton Large, used in Stanley to collect his daily rice rations.  This bucket stood throughout my childhood on a shelf in the living room and I had no idea what it was until after my Dad died and my Mum asked if I would like to have it.  Needless to say, it is one of my most precious things.


Thank you for sharing the memory of your father and his cherished silver bucket.   I can only surmise that he chose not to recount that terrible period to the younger generation.  My parents never recount to us children their experience in two wars one external and one civil.  It is too late now for me to ask.

Not the same Genesis as your father's rice bucket but may I share this ..... my very good (late) friend took me to see his coal-mining home town.  While in the mine where he once worked, I picked up a piece of coal for souvenir.  To this day, it still sits on my living room shelf and serves as a reminder of our friendship.   Some day, I have to recount the story of this precious rock so that my children will also appreciate its significance.