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1954 Theatres Along the Tram Route

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1954 Theatres Along the Tram Route
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, August 1, 1954



Thanks for introducing curious reference. As I'm Japanese, I understand most of the description in Chinese letters, Kanji that was brought to old Japan in 4th century, and we have used it as our basic and main language ( characters) even today. ( the pronunciation is different between Chinese, but the meaning of the characters are exactly same as Japanese ones.)

And I wonder on the photo why there's no description in English against in your other photos introducing the tramline showed the letters in English. In 1954, there're many foreigners in Hong Kong who could not understand Chinese letters. It seems to be very inconvenient. Or there's another guide written in English? 




The scans are from a tram route guide map. Dont recall seeing the English translation for the above scan which mentions also the fare structure and operating times of the tramway. I was more interested in the local theatres and their locations, most if not all  have already closed down decades ago.


Thanks for your supporting info. I understood the situations at your end



I attach the English version of this 1954 route map, being printed both-sided.

1954map.jpg, by Joseph