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Hong Kong 1945 Aug.jpg

Hong Kong 1945 Aug.jpg

Evil Japanese Military surrendered in Aug. 15, 1945, and Hong Kong retrieved the freedom. British captive soldiers at Stanley internment camp were unbound.

This photo was the scene in the ceremonial on British regeneration in Hong Kong. Both British and Chinese flags flowed in the sea breeze from Victoria Harbor. 



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, October 9, 1945


Hi Gen,

A small correction - the Stanley internment camp held a few soldiers, but was mainly for civilians. There is a good description of the prisoner-of-war camps for soldiers at: http://www.hongkongwardiary.com/book3thepows.html

Regards, David

PS If you know the source for these photos, it is good to mention it and / or include a link to where you found it.


 Thanks for your kind info on “Stanley”.

I have not known it as most of reference in Japan has not told the fact in this matter.


As for the subject photo, I quoted it from following site. 



* This is Wikipedia in Japanese, but the subject photo was not appeared at the version in English.


I’ll try to show the source of the photos in my future posts.



The photo of the ceremony at the Cenotaph was taken on 9 October 1945. Other photos taken on the same day can be viewed here


Thanks, I am amazed at your power of the investigation.

And watching it, I feel the emptiness of the war again.

With the ceremony, Hong Kong returned to a calm city in South China, again.

As Han Suyin (1917-2012) told appropriately, Hong Kong is really “Borrowed place, Borrowed time”.   

And the day was the beginning of the new age of this most appealing city in Asia until Handover.