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Conduit Road-1962

Conduit Road-1962

note the small landslide behind the mansion

Copied from a government document that had erroneously identified it as Kotewall Road

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, June 15, 1962


Henry Ching identifies them as a couple of buildings on Conduit Road.

The one on the right is number 53. I'm not sure what the address of the older building on the left was. Number 51 is a bit further east, so maybe this was 51A?

Henry Ching to the rescue again, he notes that the FINAL REPORT OF THE COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO THE RAINSTORM DISASTERS 1972 identifies the building as 51C & 51D, Conduit Road:

61. The Linton Investment Co., Ltd., with Mr. Linton CHU as Managing Director,
acquired the lease of Inland Lot 2260 (here-inafter referred to as I.L. 2260), 51C and 51D,
Conduit Road, on October 1, 1962. It was a property of 30,650 square feet, and consisted of
a pair of old-style semi-detached “mansions”. Plate 2 is a photograph of the property in

62. Mr. NG Chun-man was appointed authorized architect in July 1962, before the
completion of the transfer of the lease to Linton Investment Co., Ltd. The demolition of the
buildings had been completed by November 21, 1962.