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R.A.F. Little Sai Wan

R.A.F. Little Sai Wan

This, like the two previous photographs was taken from the Cape Collinson Road.  Nowadays, the vegetation is so high on the hillside that such a view is almost impossible.

I had been warned to make sure that I was off the site before dusk.  Cutting it a bit fine, I left as a lorry load of special forces arrived - armed to the teeth and ready to do some live ammunition training.  That explained all the bullet and shrapnel holes in the walls!

Years later I heard that a spectacular final scene in a Kung Fu(?) movie had shown the buildings being blown up.  I'd love to be able to see that if anyone can identify the film!  

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, November 1, 1987


I believe it was blown up in Jackie Chan's 'Police Story Part Two'!

Hi Beylogan,

I have just ordered a DVD of that film and am keeping my fingers crossed that your suggestion is right!

Thank you and my best wishes, Andrew

Hi Beylogan,

The Police Story 2 Jackie Chan DVD has arrived and I have carefully viewed it.  Unfortunately, there is no sign of the old R.A.F. buildings at Little Sai Wan either standing or being bown up.  If you check on the many photographs of Little Sai Wan on Gwulo you will see that they were essentially more like low rise residential and office blocks.  The building seen being consumed by explosions(?) and fire was more likely to have been an old factory or warehouse buildings, probably somewhere on the mainland.  However, I was interested to see that the villains tortured Chan using what looked like those small clay encased firecrackers that I recall from the 1950s, but they looked more lethal than the ones we were able to buy.  I believe that they are now illegal.

Best wishes, Andrew