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Court House Square from HKSBC building

Court House Square from HKSBC building

I'm not sure of the modern name for this square but I think that it used to be called the Court House Square.  In 1987 many of the trams were much the same as they had been in 1958. The coachwork was the traditional green and some of the roofs tended to leak in heavy rain.  I believe that they still had the slatted wooden seats that folded according to the direction of travel.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, November 1, 1987


Known as Statue Square today. Used to be called Royal Square and Queen's Statue Square in the past.As for the trams, some information here in this blog about the wooden seats.

1920s Statue Square.jpg
1920s Statue Square.jpg, by Moddsey