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I guess this photo might have been taken in the second half of 1925 after the birth of Cicely Warren's first child. The Towers can be seen top right and my cousin Diana notes that St Margaret's Church is behind her mother. It might also by early 1927 after the birth of my cousin herself. What would be the road Cicely is walking along? I wonder if she had walked all the way down Broadwood Road in those heels!


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, July 1, 1925


Well I guess the road is the road that divides the northern end of the Happy Valley Racecourse and the playing fields - perhaps the forerunner to Sports Road as viewed below.

1920s Race Course.jpg


Yes, maybe Cicely Warren is walking along the lefthand bit of the road where the trees are. If your photo is 1926, as estimated, then it's more or less the same date as mine. There's a good view of the two buildings next to The Towers. I've never seen a photo of no. 21 which also belonged to CE Warren. What puzzles me is that the nearest building to The Towers, known to us as "The Bungalow", but called "The Cottage" in the rate books, seems to be more than one storey. Perhaps I'm mistaken. 


What would be the road Cicely is walking along?

Far behind Cicely, I saw St. Margaret Church on the left and St. Paul's Catholic Primary School on the right, so I am pretty sure that was the old Sports Road which has now become part of the Happy Valley Racecourse. The current Sports Road was built in 1995, as part of the development plan of the Hong Kong Jockey Club to elongate the total length of the racecourse.

Also as part of the development plan, a gas station close to the junction between Wong Nei Chong Road and Blue Pool Road had been relocated. All the low-rise buildings further down the gas station had also been demolished, including a kindergarten where I attended in the late 1950s.

In addition, the Happy Valley Post Office was housed in one of the low-rise buildings and had been relocated to its current location on Tsui Man Street.