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Wan Chai waterfront

Wan Chai waterfront

The next 70 or so photographs were taken while we were on a round the harbour cruise on an air conditioned tourist 'junk' - that was actually a converted Star Ferry boat.  They were all taken on 30 July 1981.

David has now noticed that the building on the right, with the Sanyo sign on its roof, is the Luk Wok hotel, not the Missions to Seamen building as I had previously thought. I took this photograph in either 1987 or 1981, probably 1987.  Can anyone identify which year it was?  It is now confirmed as 1981.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, July 30, 1981


Probably 1981. See here  David has identified the building on the right as the Luk Kwok Hotel. The circular building, the Hopewell Centre was completed in 1980.

Hi, Just been puzzling over this when I realised we're looking at the Luk Kwok hotel, not the Mission to Seamen. You can see it at the left edge of this photo:

Harcourt House-China Fleet Club-Cross Harbour helicopter terminal
Harcourt House-China Fleet Club-Cross Harbour helicopter terminal, by IDJ

Regards, David

Thanks David,  My apologies for the confusion.  It was therefore 1981 when my wife and I had the round the harbour trip. The Missions to Seamen building and the Luk Wok hotel looked very similar to me - until I counted the number of storeys!