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Vitaly Veriga - Family

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Vitaly Veriga - Family


This family picture was taken in Shanghai. In the front row, on Vitaly's right is his sister Lydia; I do not know who is on his left, but it might be another sister. The elderly lady is the mother. My mother was a friend of the Verigas, and I think that is how I have this photograph in my possession.

I first got to know Vitaly in Hong Kong when I was about 6 years old. I met him at Lydia's flat on Nathan Road in Kowloon. Lydia was married to Costia Kriloff, a policeman who was with CID. I was very fond of Lydia and Costia, who were childess, and often stayed over in their flat for the night. 

I also remember that Vitaly was married before the war, and I think his wife was repatriated to Australia in 1940 or 1941. I believe that Nikki was born in Australia, or arrived there when she was very young together with her mother.

I also know Aileen Thirlwell, who became married to Vitaly in Stanley Camp. Aileen was a great friend of my sister Julia. I think they first became acquainted in Baginton Fields Hostel just outside of Coventry in the Midlands, and remained friends for many years. I also got to know some of the Thirlwell family well at the same time.

Hi Bob - thanks for posting this photo. The other lady is Dad's (Vitaly's) sister, Aga. My eldest sister, Lydia, advised that as they were never all in Shanghai the photo must have been taken in HK. We will be travelling to HK for the Stanley Prison Internee reunion from 25 November to 7 December. Do you have any other material regarding the family? If so, would it be possible to meet up while we are in HK?

Hi there,

At least the printed address of the Comus studio as seen above (595 Avenue Joffre) is a Shanghai Address.

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Hi Vikki - I was hoping that this would attract your eyes. I am in Hong Kong in the first half of November, so unless you will be there before the group gathering it may not be possible to meet. I have a feeling that you may be living in Australia, where I have quite a few family members in NSW.

Why I think the photo was taken in Shanghai is the printing on the picture border - Comus Studio, 595 Avenue Joffre. If you want the picture, it is yours; just give me some details. I might have a few more pictures, but I will have to do some digging.

I hope you will enjoy the group tour in November. I was in another group tour with Geoff in 2012 and it brought back some good memories for me at the time. I am now writing about my Hong Kong experiences, including the period I was in Stanley Camp.