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Rawson HK1.jpg

Looking for help to identify these photos my grandfather took when he was in Hong Kong with the British Army in the 1950s. I've carried out some research by looking at old photos but with limited success. The photos have also been shared with a number of Facebook forums. I'm really grateful for any help anyone can give as my goal is to build an album showing my grandfather's photos against the modern day photos of our time in Hong Kong. 


If you zoom in on the middle of the right edge of the photo, it looks as though people are wearing long white robes. That plus the palm trees makes me think this was taken in the Middle East, on the journey to or from HK. Possibly the Suez Canal?

Regards, David

Gemma - I think David is right. If your Grandpa came out or returned by ship he would probably have called at Port Said, then through the Suez and Red Sea to Aden (as it was ), then Bombay/Columbo/Singapore/Hong Kong - except when the Suez was closed for a time around 1956, when some service personel came out the long way via the Cape.

Any idea on which troopship he travelled either way, or when ?