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Robert Cunningham with police dog Vicky

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Robert Cunningham with police dog Vicky

The subject of the photo is my father, in Police uniform, with Police dog, Vicky. I believe this photo was taken after the war, after his release from Stanley Camp where he was interned for 44 months until being liberated in 1945. When my dad retired and returned home to the UK, Vicky also retired from service and came home with him (after spending the required six months in quarantine).



Robert Cunningham was an Inspector in the HKP, who at the time of the Japanese invasion was in charge of CID Kowloon HQ.

Born 27.6.1900     Enlisted 27.2.1922    From 27.11.1927 until 1.10.1928 was seconded to the Supreme Court  as Clerk and Usher. Sub Inspector 1.9.1934    CPLSM on 27.2.1940    Inspector 15.12.1941       Chief Inspector 1.5.1946     Photo shows him wearing Bath Star as badge of rank,which post war replaced the small five pointed star often referred to as a Japanese star but also worn by the Indian Police Service.No whistle lanyard,worn on left shoulder with whistle in left tunic pocket.He looks rather crumpled,just finished an active tour ofduty ? Though his shoes are polished.











On enlistment your father would have been given a " collar number", e.g.  A 123,    the A designating him as a member of the European Contingent of the Force.On promotion to the Inspectorate he would cease to wear this.For the sake of completeness,can you ascertain from any papers you may have,what his Force Number was.? Our thanks.