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Part of a collection of pictures made by Jim Watkins (deceased) of Henley In Arden, England while on military service in Hong Kong probably1947.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, June 30, 1947


What a great set of photos, thank you very much for uploading them for us to enjoy.

Do you know if Jim was a keen photographer, and would have taken some of these himself? It'd also be good to know the dates he was in Hong Kong if you have that information.

Thanks again,


Jim was in the RAF stationed in Hong Kong between 1947 and 1949. He was just an amateur photograper but the detail and clarity of the aerial shots suggests they were taken using RAF reconnaissance equipment.

Thanks for the extra information about Jim's time in Hong Kong.

Does anyone recognise which road this shows?

Regards, David

Hi Christine,

On Flickr, I found an album posted by John McCabe named Brown album, B.McCabe, Feb1946-Sep1948. Six photos from this album are posted already on Gwulo (attributed to Jim Watkins). Is there any connection with these two people? In the McCabe album are more interesting photos from the late 1940's, I will upload them shortly.

Regards, Klaus

Hello Klaus,

Perhaps Jim Watkins and B McCabe were both doing military service in Hong Kong at the same time. Both sets seem to be a mixture of collected photos and some taken at the time.