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No. 3 Jordan Road

No. 3 Jordan Road

No. 3 Jordan Road at Chi Wo Street, just west of Diocesan Girls' School.

It is usually referred to as "Fung's Mansion".

Here is another view of it:

In Hong Kong: The Vanishing City (1977-8), the buildings are described as "formerly elegant villas reduced to extreme decrepitude."

I wonder if anyone knows anything about this building. Many thanks.



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No. 3 Jordan Road.png, by rwxing


Hello, I am a new comer, I knew some history about this MANSION.

When i was small, my grandmom told me , this mansion was owned by a Russian family, my grandmom knew the owner family well. Around 1975, all family's memberl left HK or passed always, no family member lived there again. 

I saw some local Chinese occupied this mansion after 1980