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On the way to Ocean Park (2)

On the way to Ocean Park (2)

Again, I believe that his photo was taken on the way from Star Ferry Pier to the Zoological Garden. Maybe Garden road or Cotton Tree Drive. Any idea?

Having in mind the suggestions by marlowe and David for the location of this image I renamed the file. It's on the way to Ocean Park, and likely taken from Tai Hang Road (a hint is the uphill direction of the road).

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, August 28, 1980


32 Green Lane.png
19 Green Lane.png, by marlowe

It looks like Stubbs Road to me, from the bottom near Wong Nei Chung Road. No proof unfortunately, and it's at a funny angle.
If so, the tall building on the left is at 32 Green Lane, and the picture is taken from the bus stop on Blue Pool Road.

Here's a view of that area from back on Tai Hang Road (I don't think Klaus's photo was taken from Tai Hang Road, it's just to get the view). The small tower furthest away looks very similar:

Thank you marlowe and David for helping to find the exact location of my two images. I didn't expect these, but my memory was misleading me (ok, 35 years are a pretty long time). This now certainly is true for another of my pictures:

Birds at Ocean Park (1980)

Birds at Hong Kong Zoological Garden 1980, by Klaus

 This isn' the Zoo but the bird sanctuary at Ocean Park. The same would be true for the "Hibiscus" one. Ocean Park seems to be a good guess as after these images the next ones on my old film (sildes) can be 100% attributed to that location.

So I'm now sure that we took a bus from Central to Ocean Park, and the two images from the roads were actually taken from that bus. As no Aberdeen tunnel existed in 1980 the bus took the road over the hills. If you know the bus routes from that time it might be possible to confirm your suggestions.

I wonder if these hints can help.