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Ladies Club House

Ladies Club House

I was fortunate to visit the former Ladies Club House of the Fanling Golf Course today (located in Kwu Tung adjacent to the Fanling Highway), now a private residence known as Oi Yuen Villa.  The building was built sometime before 1919 and is located accross the street from the present day Fanling Golf Club.  Evidently it was owned by Jardine Matheson & Company Limited from 1922-1946, then was owned  by E. B. Moller in 1947, and from 1949-1956 it was owned by Mollers Lands Limited, a steamship company.  In 1957 the building was purchased by Hr. Hui Oi-chow and was renamed the Oi Yuen Villa - he lived there until his death in 1966, and the building remains in his family today.



It is probable that Edward Albert Ram was the architect of the former Ladies Club House (RHKGC Fanling) now Oi Yuen Villa.  Englich architect Edward Ram (formed Denson, Ram & Gibbs) worked in Hong Kong for about 20+ years and was also the architect of the Matilda Hospital (1906) Helena May (1916), and the Repulse Bay Hotel (1920).  Ram was an avid golfer and evidently designed all the clubhouses for the RHKGC in the 1890s and 1910s, including the Happy Valley Club House (1896), the Deep Water Bay Club House (1899), and the Fanling Club House 1911-1914.  Some of the details at the Ladies Club House building including the circular windows and window configuration can be found at the Helena May, and the Repulse Bay Hotel.

Thanks Jennifer, good to learn about another old building that's close to its 100th birthday.

I've made a Place page at to gather the photos & info together.

Regards, David