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Caine Road

Caine Road

View the original, larger copy of this image at the UWM website:

Following the sequence of photographs - some where along Caine or Bonham Roads. Following the comments below, updated to indicate Caine Road

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1941


The UWM copy has a sign visible on the right edge of the photo:


Does anyone recognise where it might have been?

It shows an ad for Eagle Brand Condenesed Milk, which can still be found in supermarkets.

Here is the literal  translation: Those who want to feed milk, they should buy one can home. Buy this, you will have a good family.


This picture was taken at Caine Road. The signage was the name of a girl school (志如女學 i.e. Chi Yu Girl School) at Ladder Street. The picture must be taken before 1950 as the school changed its name to 志如學校 thereafter. See the shade of a tree in front of the lady? I believe the tree is still there.