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Chinese Stone Arch Bridge in NT.JPG

Chinese Stone Arch Bridge in NT.JPG

This frame in the 'round robin' trail of Roland Brooks follows on from:

1. Kowloon hospital (already uploaded - see Brooks family gallery)

2. Atlas plane scenes (already uploaded before - see Brooks family photo gallery)

3. the three Coastal village scenes just uploaded

4. next is the train scene (already uploaded)

5.This frame shows a stone bridge in fields presumably in NT.

6. Frames 48-08-11 and the following 48-06-16 show several covered trucks (army?) in a Chinese town.

Next I will upload 3 more frames of what appears to be a border crossing.

Remember you can identify these frames in the film sequence by the timing on the left top corner.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, February 25, 1948


Could be this bridge here, only identified as being nr Tai Po.

15493_760633490658853_3974099585421466565_n.jpg, by philk

This was sourced from the Tai Po group on facebook ( I'll ask if anyone knows exactly where it was/is, perhaps in Lam Tsuen or nr Tai Po Tau? Though the former location may put a different route on Roland's presumed tour.

1940s Chinese Stone Bridge

Received as is. Perhaps the hills in the background may help to pinpoint the location.

Moddsey - we managed to get a rough location previously: