HKAAF | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong



January. Kai Tak.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1951


From memory here are the names from left to right:

  • Cedric Salter,
  • Robin Taylor (See page 94 of Winge​d​ Dragon),
  • K. Bretling,
  • Gordon Randall,
  • Sandy Wigram,​ ​​
  • Lew ​H.L. Mose,​ and
  • Ian Robertson.

I last saw Sandy Wigram near Wellington about 1966. Goodness knows where everyone else is?

It would be wonderful to learn what has happened to everyone – long time ago!

My Aunt Eve Salter was married to Alf Salter in HK and Alf had a son Cedric. Alf was an Stock Market Broker I think and retired in the 50's or Very Early 60's. His son Cedric lived near to Epsom in the later 60's and had 2 or 3 Children to my memory.

Alf had another son who now lives in New Zealand and is in his 80's so Cedric would be in his 90's but I believe he is deceased now. No idea about the family as I have not had contact since the early 70's.

Hope this is of some help.

Alan Sloan

The captioned officers were said to be the first in the East to earn their HKAAF wings by working their way through the aircraftsman and flying courses. China Mail 21 October 1950 refers.

Cedric Salter was the step son of my Uncle Alf Salter who later married my Mum' sister Eve. She hed been his secretary when he worked as a manager at Dodwells in HK. Cedric was married to Mae and they had five children his son Cedric live south of Aberdeen and Sherry one of the girls live in Sydney. His step brother Mike lives in the North Island of New Zealand and has two kids and several grand weans. Mike was captured by the Communist Chinese when he inadvertantly sailed into chinese waters in a small yacht with a couple of his friends. They were imprisoned and it took Alf a lot of effort to get them released. The Chinese impounded the boat.

Cedric Salter passed away in England in 1998. This year his family are celebrating the 100th anniversary of his death.

Cedric Salter was married to my sister in law. He passed away in 1998 in England.