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House on the Peak

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House on the Peak

Photo courtesy of Siobhan Daiko.


Siobhan notes that this is a photo of her grandparents' house on the Peak (See Her grandparents were Vernon and Doris Walker.

Fivestar writes that:

According to the 1940 and 1941 jurors lists, Vernon Walker lived at 359 The Peak which was also known as Red Hill Nos 1 & 2.

But the photos of Red Hill (see don't look like this building, so I think the photo is probably of another building.

I think this is Red Hill.  We are looking at the side view of the huge duplex, #1&2, not the front view. If you compare to the postcard from 1907, 35 years previously, It seems possible that the balcony was expanded during that time.  But if the map is correct, then this photo is flipped.

Hopefully we'll see some other photos of Red Hill that will make it clear.

Regards, David

Can you change the title to "Red Hill?"

Hi Annelise,

I'd like to see some other photos that show this view first, to be sure it's Red Hill.

Regards, David

Looking at the hill behind, i think I see the Governor's Walk clearly, and Harlech walk less clearly.  Any other opinions?

Would modern photos of the area help to determine if the photo is Red Hill 1 & 2?

Yes, a modern photo can help if it shows the same layout and hills in the background. Though the hills have a lot more trees and bushes now, that often block the view.

Regards, David