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Map of Seymour & Robinson Roads

Map of Seymour & Robinson Roads

The is the map showing the Dominican Mission. At the back of it were the garden and lawn on which Merry Court is erected. I suppose Merry Terrace was built right after the demolition of Dominican Mission.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, October 22, 1963


That's a good find, thank you. Amazing to see there was still so much open space in mid-levels in 1963 - Lawns, Fountains, Tennis Courts, Greenhouses!

I've updated the date to match the date shown on the map, and also added the Dominican Mission to the Places Shown (then this photo will automatically appear on the building's page).

Regards, David

The house name was Glenseskin.  I missed it when I did the 1901 map transcription of house names.  Now corrected.

The gardens were Field Lot 65. I've created a separate place for that "FL 65 - Gardens of the Dominican Mission". Can you please add it to places for this map?

And can we change the title of this map?

Is a government mapping service one?  How accurate is the date as I have the February 1963 aerial photos of this area and merry Court is pretty much complete with no sign of the Dominican Mission. I often find with government maps that if it is an update of a previous version many places are still shown that no longer existed at that time.

The Dominican Mission still exists in a 1955 photo I have