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Statue of Queen Alexandra in Statue Square

Statue of Queen Alexandra in Statue Square

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Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1941


Does anybody know where this Statue is now? My guess is that it was sent to Japan along with those of Queen Victoria, HSBC lions etc, but was it subsequently returned to Hong Kong?

Just those of Queen Victoria, HSBC lions and Sir Thomas Jackson were returned after the war in 1946. The rest I guess were shipped to Japan and subsequently melted down.

Most interesting - many thanks. As far as I can recall, there was a statue of King George V in Statue Square, together with other British Royalty and dignitaries. I guess all lost during and after the war?

There was (still is?) a statue of King George VI erected in the Botanical Gardens shortly after WW2. I remember some Beijing sycophant some time after 1997 suggesting that it be replaced by a statue of Sun Yat-Sen on VERY spurious grounds. As if there were not, or are not, more pressing matters for Beijing to handle.

I suppose that's it for statues of British Royalty in present-day Hong Kong?

Yes, the King George V statue had also disappeared and probably shipped as well. 

Here's a photo of the statue:

1920 Statue of King George V, Statue Square = 英皇佐治五世銅像
1920 Statue of King George V, Statue Square = 英皇佐治五世銅像, by eatsee1

Replaced in London: Queen Alexandra Memorial, Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel



Thanks for introducing the statue of Queen Alexandra in London, I hadn't seen that before. It was unveiled in 1908 (, and is still there today.

The statue in Hong Kong was unveiled in 1909 (, and disappeared during the Japanese occupation.

The sculptor was the same for both statues, George Edward Wade. It is very likely he re-used elements of the London statue in the one he made for Hong Kong, which explains why they look so similar. Not exactly the same though, as the position of the hand is at least one difference.