Signal Hill & Lighthouse | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Signal Hill & Lighthouse

Signal Hill & Lighthouse
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1960


Just by chance I found the original photo on Flickr with the following text:

Observatory Kowloon - Typhoon Wanda Alert

Toward the end of our stay a warning was sent to the ship that a Typhoon Wanda; was heading for Hong Kong. On August 29th a U.S.A.F reconnaissance aircraft flew into the eye of the storm and reported that the wind had reached hurricane force. The Ship's company was required to report back to the ship and we left harbour and met typhoon ;Wanda at sea. At 9 a.m on the 1st September 1962 typhoon ;Wanda; was centred over the eastern waters of the Colony and hurricane force winds were blowing over Hong Kong. The records of the Hong Kong Royal Observatory showed a maximum gust of 140 knots at 9.30 a.m. 300 fishing boats out of a total fleet of just over a 1000 and several from the Aberdeen area were damaged or destroyed. Of a total of 132 ocean-going ships, 24 were beached and 12 involved in collisions. Shanty town was destroyed, and stronger village huts were severely damaged. 130 people were killed, and 53 missing. 72,000 people were registered homeless.