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Union Church - Staunton Street

Union Church - Staunton Street
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1880


Annelise, thanks for finding this photo again. Here are the notes from the first time around:

HFSiu (replying after I'd incorrectly labeled it as the church on Kennedy Road):

This was 2nd generation of union church located at Staunton Street. This photo was taken late 70s ~ early 1880s. John Thomson took a picture with similar angle in early 70s, and the tree was much lower.

You can compare the tower, they were different.


Thanks for pointing this out.

The road in the foreground is today's Elgin Street, curving up and around the top of the church. Though at that time, only the section from Hollywood Road to Staunton Street was called Elgin Street. Then the section from Staunton St to Shelley St (the section we see in the photo) was called Pechili Terrace, and the last section from Shelley to Caine Road was called Elgin Terrace. That's a lot of names for such a short road!

We've heard how the materials for this church were re-used for the 3rd generation church on Kennedy Road. Here's how it looked after it's move to Kennedy Road:

1900s Union Church

It's clear they managed to use most of the old building. As HF notes, the tower is the easiest way to tell them apart.


Usually the word Terrace identifed the site that was formed from the hillside, and the development on it.  Not necessarily the street name.  Just like we give names to vertical developments, their names were for horizontal ones.