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Des Voeux Rd C

Des Voeux Rd C

The notes on Flickr identify the white building as the old Fire Station.

I'm guessing it was taken in the 1960s, but let me know if that's wrong.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1962


Hi there,

It was sometime in the 1960's alright.  Probably the middle 1960's.  You just couldn't find so big a fleet of Mercedez Taxis any time, any place, anywhere other than Hong Kong in the 1960's.

Also in the photo, the Old Hang Seng Bank HQ is also visible, right behind the Central Fire Station.

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The old Hang Seng Bank headquarters next to the former Central Fire Station was built in 1962.

I am looking for a picture of the old Hang Seng building built in 1962. Preferably a front view around 1963-1968... That would be very nice if someone can help me.

Sandy Madar by email:

The blue sign is a co. called "Wong Sheung Wong" and they are famous for their mango and coconut ice creams.The red sign is a co. called "Chung Yuen Electrical Supply" and they sell radios etc. The white building behind is The Central Fire Brigade Bldg.