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Admiralty Tunnel Portal 1972

Admiralty Tunnel Portal 1972

photo by mtfrazier, taken looking towards where pacific place 3 is now. The walkway is now where the metal sheeting is.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1972


Since we can't see any portals past this one, I think it was the eastern portal of the three, ie #52.

yep must be 52. Anyone know what the characters covering the walls are about? Great shorts.


Hi there,

Those are Advertisements. The biggest words (black on white) are of a Chinese Martial Artists 何立天 (Ho Lap-Teen) who is also a Chinese Medical Practitioner/bone setter. The eight smaller poster around his ad are for an oil or an oinment for unknown use. The other black on white ad on the slope behind the policement was also a Chinese medical Practitioner/bone setter. I cannot recognize it in full, but the surname of that person is 陳 (Chan).

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