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1964 Gloucester Road seafront

1964 Gloucester Road seafront

Photo courtesy of Tom (TWE42)

This one is worth visiting on Flickr, as the original size copy has lots of detail.

There's a low concrete structure sticking out into the sea - visible just above the petrol pumps. I think that might be one of the pillboxes that were along this section of the coastline.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, May 1, 1964


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I tend to differ.  Wouldn't it a bit small for a billbox like structure?  Wouldn't it be just a Concrete Edge at the seawall just to prevent cars or other heavier items from rolling over?  That oil drum looked to be right next to it.

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Hi T, I should have made it clearer which part of the photo I'm talking about. See if this helps:

Detail from Gloucester Road seafront

See the grey, concrete structure in the centre of the photograph? I've seen another photo in the past that described a pillbox in that area, and the wartime map shows one there too.

BUT, the 1949 map shows a 'Sanitary Dump' pier at the end of Fleming Road, so it might be that we're looking at. ie a concrete ramp for dumping rubbish into a barge.

I'll make a note to watch out for other photos of the area before reclamation, to see if we can get a clearer view.

This picture was taken in the 1960s before the reclamation of Wancahi.I lived in Gloucester Road as a child.

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Now I know what you were talking about.  That's still a very BIG if to me.

The location of the photographer (as well as the gas station) should be around Fenwick street as you can see the Luk Kwok in the middle a bit towards the right.  The location of the shop house next to Luk Kwok would be today's Pico Tower.   The street corner there should be Luard Road.

You mentioned the Sanitary Dump at Flemming.  I believe it is visible in the picture too.  I think I saw a barge full of rubbish right next to it.

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Yes, just a 'maybe' right now for the pillbox location.

Tom has posted another photo, which looks as though it was taken from about the same spot as this one, but looking south along Fenwick Street. He writes that these photos were "taken in May of 1964, my first time in Hong Kong".

The grey concrete structure with ramp would appear to be a refuse boat station. This from the newspapers from July 1940.

City refuse on Hong Kong Island is collected by lorries and conveyed to refuse boat stations. One such station is located in Wanchai which has double chutes for the simultaneous disposal of rubbish by two lorries directly into the barges. Rubbish is conveyed by towed barge to Kwun Tong in Kowloon Bay where it is dumped onto a reclamation area behind a seawall.

1950s Gloucester Road


Ah well, back to the drawing board as far as that pillbox is concerned. Thanks for the extra info.

My wife grew up living in the building under the Mercedes sign (50's/60.s). This is one of the few pictures that has that building. Only one I found that shows it this close up.