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Hong Kong, street scene

Hong Kong, street scene

View the original, larger copy of this image at the UWM website: http://collections.lib.uwm.edu/u?/agsphoto,3975

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1955


The registration number HK7050, is 1954 or later, and that's on a 1951 or 1952 Dodge. See the Bedford CA van (1952-1969).
That's not 1940.

Well spotted. Harrison Forman, the photo journalist made a return trip to Hong Kong in the mid-1950s. Some of his photos in the UWM website are incorrectly referenced to 1940/41.

As far as I can tell, Harrison Forman made a number of trips to Hong Kong, pre-war obviously, a few times in the 1950's (1955, 1958 maybe) and again in 1965.

Yes, good catch. I've set the date to 1955.

This photo popped up as one of the random photos, and I found it interesting to identify the location rather than reading "street scene".

[For better identification use the high resolution photo on the uwm website]

The first clue is top left. The inscription on the building reads: SCM Post and China Mail. This leads to the South China Morning Post Building on Wyndham Street. The second one is also on the left, its the sign for Crystal Lounge. This night club appears on a 1956 photo moddsey recently posted.

1956 Wyndham Street
1956 Wyndham Street, by Eternal1966

On the Forman photo one can also see the ricksha rank and (a bit hidden) an advert for a movie played in King's Theatre.

So the street scene plays on Pedder Street near the the junctions with Queen's Road Central and Wyndham Street. The prominent building shown is China Building (1st generation).