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HK Airways Viscount

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HK Airways Viscount
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1959


1959 Hong Kong Airways Viscount

A lot of footage of these planes and others in the 1959 movie AIR HOSTESS, available on VCD.

I found this copy online, thoughthe free version makes you watch adverts at regular intervals:

Bought the VCD some 10 years ago at HMV. An interesting capture of the scene at Kai Tak before the reclaimed runway.

1959 "Air Hostess" Movie

A close viewing of this film shows a rare RAF Beufighter in a scene where a Viscount is taking off. This was used as a gunnery target tug until its demise by running off into a granite faced roundabout near the terminal area.

I had not noticed the Beaufighter I had seen the Hastings, presumably from Singapore, where my uncle was flying them at the time.