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1922 Motor bike and side car Hong Kong

1922 Motor bike and side car Hong Kong
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1922


Arnhem writes:

I have a photo of my father-in-law 'Jack' Macintyre Brown in Hong Kong on a motorbike and side car dated 1922. The rego number is  HK 505. The HK is above the 505.

We were told Jack had the first motor bike in Hong Kong. He probably had earlier bikes than the motorbike and side car. He was born in 1900 and arrived in Hong Kong during the first world war.

Thanks for the photo. Please can you also tell us more about your father-in-law? eg where he was working and living at this time, and when he finally left Hong Kong?

Regards, David

Jack Brown was appointed Revenue Officer in the dept of Imports and Exports in 1921 in the British Colonial Civil Service. Not sure where he lived. Left HK in 1949.

Thanks for the extra information. I've made a page for him at:


Regards, David

Amhem: Was his wife named Edith as I note there was a John William Brown married to Edith  with children Edith and Christina travelling to HK in Juky 1931 from UK.

Philip Cracknell

Yes his wife was named Edith