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Wongneichong Village flooded

Wongneichong Village flooded

Page 9, China Mail, 16 Jun 1925

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, June 16, 1925


This is a copy of the picture shown in the newspaaper article. It's in my grandmother's photo collection and so I'm not sure of provenance. Given the number in the photo, she may have requested a copyShe does have a number of well taken picutes and did live in Happy Valley at the time, so it's possible she is the photographer.

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Thanks for posting the photo.

Given that it has a number printed on it, and that it appeared in the newspapers, it would have been taken by the newspaper or a professional photographer. They'd have offered copies for purchase by the public.

Regards, David

Hi David

Yes, that's what I'd have thought too