Blue Funnel ss LYCAON - HK Harbour c.1965 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Blue Funnel ss LYCAON - HK Harbour c.1965

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Blue Funnel ss LYCAON  - HK Harbour c.1965

I think this is the Lycaon - but the name is not clear.

Older expats with long leaves may have travelled on these Blue Funnel ships. They carried passengers - 16 to 20 or so.  The travel allowance covered the cost of sailing to the UK (or elsewhere) and flying back - or vice versa, or even sailing both ways if you had enough time.  They went to places off the beaten track, food was fantastic, booze cheaper than cheap and within a couple of weeks passengers and crew were as one. And the crew certainly knew where to go when ashore ... :) 

I believe Shaw Saville and Holland America also had similar passenger-cargo ships.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1965


We travelled on the "Antilochus" in 1953 - it took us 6 weeks to get from Hong Kong to London Docks laugh

As far as I remember, it was good fun (I was only 5 at the time) but we returned to HK on the Lloyd Triestino ship "Victoria" and  loved it so much that the "Victoria" & her sister ship the "Asia" were our preferred transport for future leaves!

1953 On the way to Singapore on the Antilichus
On the way to Singapore, by Nona
1953 En route to Aden
En route to Aden, by Nona