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Unidentified Race in Hong Kong

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Unidentified Race in Hong Kong

Can anyone identify what is going on? The photos have no notes with them.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


Perhaps a motoring outing which was quite popular in the 20s and 30s. Would that be the governor's car with the crown in the lower left  photo?

It certainly looks like a government car with the crown on.

I think the photos are from the early end of the 1925-40 range.

The photo above shows motorbikes with registration numbers 98 and 367.

We have another photo that shows motorcycle registration number 190, dated 1920:


Regards, David

I'll make a guess.
Is that a newly built concrete road?
Lots of supervisors,and a few workers?

does anyone recognise the hill in the background?

And another motorbike with registration no. 194 in picture top right.


The Motor Trials was jointly organised by the Hong Kong Automobile Association and the Hong Kong Telegraph on 25 August 1923. The Trials involved hill climbs and acceleration tests for cars and motor cycles at Tsin Wan (Tsuen Wan) Village/Hill. However, the event was marred by two fatalities. A full report of the Trials can be found in the Hong Kong Telegraph on 27 August 1923 with supplementary photos of the event as shown above from Ming Yuen Studio, Beaconsfield Arcade on 1 September 1923.

The Governor's car, a 19.6 h.p. four cylinder engine Crossley driven by the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Mr. C. D. Lambert  won the acceleration trial for motor cars over 200 yards in 16 seconds.