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HKP Sen. Supt. FONG Yik Fai

HKP Sen. Supt. FONG Yik Fai

HKP Sen. Supt. FONG Yik Fai

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, February 1, 1965


B 1.11.1915   Enlisted in HKP on the 20.9.1938 in the newly creaated rank of ""Chinese Sub Inspector ". Apparently Commended by HE Governor in 1947 ( circumstances unknown),  OC Adminstration at PTS in 1948.Awarded CPM 8.6.1950, Coronation Medal in 1953, Queens Police Medal 1967.Promoted to Assisstant Supt in 1954  and Supt in 1957.Photo  shows him as Senior Supt ( Bath Star surmounted by Crown ) in winter working dress.

He was also notable for achieving the following ' firsts ' -

1.1.1954  First chinese Chief Inspector

1.12.1954  First chinese Assistant Superintendent

1.12.1957  First chinese Superintendent

1.1.1966  First chinese Senior Superintendent

1.4.1968  First chinese Chief Superintendent

'1314' spot on re.Mr FONG's 'firsts'-possibly I was the 'first' 'trainee Insp'(at Police Training School/Oct 1966) to receive a 'two week confinement to school' from him-for breaches of school discipline.Taught me early on what was the 'correct way'-helped me no end,and I had the opportunity to tell him so a year or two later....