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Fishing Village - a different view of Sok Kwu Wan ?

Fishing Village - a different view of Sok Kwu Wan ?

Thanks everybody, and I do appreciate your input. Most of my labelled prints and albums were abandoned to the Iraquis in Kuwait but I did salvage most of the negatives - hence the guesswork. This is another from the same strip so is possibly the same village. Clues are the Red/Blue Ensign  flying on the stern of the ferry (?) on the right of the pic and the characters on the building in the centre announcing the presence of a 'bone doctor' !

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1960


This one doesn't look like SKW. However, it's a while since I've been and my memory is poor :-\ 

Hi there,

The skyline doesn't look like Sok Ku Wan.  Ling Kok Shan would be a bit taller than that.  Maybe somewhere on the other side of the island?   By the concentration of houses, maybe Yung Shu Wan.  Need further comparison though.


Tai Jia Ho,

This is the northern view towards the north island of Cheung Chau from the Chung Wan, the Ferry Harbour. It maybe a pre-1950s photo.

Like many others on the island, I grew up with this familiar landscape with many nice stories.



Thank you, tung lin, for the positive ID. I first visited Cheung Chau in 1962 so the photo was taken around that time.


Hey! The old photo shown is Cheung Chau, definitely. See the photo taken by Karsten Petersen in 1973 (