Fishing Village - Outlying Islands (?) - circa 1970. | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Fishing Village - Outlying Islands (?) - circa 1970.

Fishing Village - Outlying Islands (?) -  circa 1970.

Does anyone recognise this fishing village on one of the O/L Islands - I think - taken about 1970 ? Cheung Chau, Lantau, Lamma - could be any one of the inhabited islands visited during the late 60's and early 70's, and  judging by the rectangular underwater pens it looks like the fleet did more fish farming than actual fishing !Most likely a village on Lantau visited most often with my trail bike, managing to get to places 'others couldn't reach' - think the bike was $2.00 each way on the Lantau ferry in those days !


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1970


The high hills behind the houses remind me of Sok KWu Wan on Lamma?

Thanks, phil, - I think you may have got it right. Remember talking with some fishermen packing sea urchins - the spiky ones - ready for export to Japan. They cracked one open to show me the yellow egg-yolk-like innards ... ugh ... but a Japanese delicacy I was told.

Google Earth - Sok Kwu Wan Lamma - shows how the number of fish 'pens' has grown.


Some other clues: The rightmost building looks very much like the Tin Hau temple at Sok Kwu Wan, plus the fact that this bay is quite a narrow one (you took this pic from the opposite side of the bay) matches the geography of SKW as well.

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The original Tin Hau Temple was believed to be built before 1826.  Unfortunately it was burnt down in January 2004,  The current one is taller and is a rebuilt.

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I'm assuming that the current temple sits on the same plot and faces the same direction though? I seem to remember the SKW temple being at the far end of the village and facing away like the one in the photo above.

Seems to fit with those assumptions in mind though...


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I believe it had been rebuilt ont he same site and yes, I remember the current temple is not facing the shops and restaurants.  There should be some engravings on site talking about the rebuilt.  I'll check it out next time I go there.

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Thanks everybody, and I do appreciate your input. Most of my labelled prints and albums were abandoned to the Iraquis in Kuwait but I did salvage most of the negatives - hence the guesswork. This is another from the same strip so is possibly the same village. Clues are the Red/Blue Ensign on the stern of the ferry (?) and the characters on the building in the centre announcing the presence of a 'bone doctor' !

Fishing Village - a different view of Sok Kwu Wan ?

Hey! After searching the web and with the help of Google Earth, surely the photo shows Sok Kwu Wan. And it was taken on the reef jetting out from the opposite shore (now Lo So Shing Sitting Out Area)


1. Tin Hau Temple on the far right & the open square in front of it

2. The triangular facet behind the village on which the woodland still persists

3. The scattered tors on the slope

4. The foreground is the reef (quite modified now)