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Family 'Export' Business - 1960's.

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Family 'Export' Business - 1960's.

This 'family business' of the 1960's arranged the shipping of personal parcels of food and clothing materials etc., from HK to China.

The notice board on the left boasts of being the fastest and best shipper together with the shipping price list.

Photo taken, if I remember rightly, in the mid 1960's somewhere near Western Market.



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1960


My wife tells stories of going to China as a child with her mum, and them carrying bundles of stuff to give out to the family when they reached their village. They led a very humble life in Hong Kong, but felt like royalty when they got back to the village with all the gifts to give out.

Probably the nearest equivalent today is the group of packers that set up outside Worldwide House on the weekend, packing boxes to ship to the Philippines.

Thanks for posting the photo,

Regards, David

That's very true, David.

As well as carrying the bundles - peanut oil and dress-making materials were in particular demand -  my amah and her daughter would also wear extra layers of clothing for their trip and return several sizes smaller.