1975 Eric the boss had a 2.IC and here he is. Very expert | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1975 Eric the boss had a 2.IC and here he is. Very expert

1975 Eric the boss had a 2.IC and here he is. Very expert

Anyone remember names. Uniforms were OIC for Launch 1.


Ross Mitchell on the right.

Small world,

I was out last night with a couple of the other guys from Gwulo and one of them mentioned this photo.

Ross Mitchell (on the Right) is my father, and he has some bits to add:

"The Force Bomb Disposal Officer (FBDO) was Eric "the bomb" Warswick (?). he lost a finger in a little accident
His 2 i/c was Ron Bagrie (also ex Army Ordinance Corp (i think)). That's the guy in the photo. He later took over from Eric to become FBDO.
The middle chap was my OC East Sector, a "Technical" CIP by the name of Alan Cheung Sek Hung.
It was a Sunday and we had just given Ron the Bomb a lift out to the very deep water between Po Toi island and Beaufort island where, in days long before "greens" were even thought of, we used to dump old ordnance. Yup, take an old 6" howitzer and lob it into 40 fathoms of oggin. If it went bang a few years later, nobody knew or even cared. The photo was taken circa 1976."

If I could just add a few lines to Craig’s post above; please forgive me being a bit pedantic, but Alan Cheung was not a Chief Inspector - he retired as a Senior Inspector or Inspector.

The Marine Police were short of Inspectors in those days, (mid 1970’s), so they promoted a number of Station Sergeants to Inspector to overcome this shortage. They were known as “technical” Inspectors and they did not have to undergo the same sort of training as direct entry or Force entry Inspectors had to “endure.”

They served solely in Marine District, (as it was called at the time, before being upgraded to a Region), and I believe solely on launches. Ross was a couple of months ahead of me at the Training School; he served on PL 1 in East Sector whilst I was on PL 2 in North Sector - based out of Tai Po Kau.

Iain Ward’s book “Sui Ging,” (Water or Marine Police) contains full details.