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Coastal Gun-1

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Coastal Gun-1

Possibly posted previously and someone knows the location

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, June 15, 1941


Thanks for the photo. Please can we know the publication it came from?

There's a photo of a very similar gun on page 199 of The Guns & Gunners of Hong Kong, labelled "Pak-sha-wan Battery in 1946 showing the only remaining gun". The text says the battery had 6-inch BL Mark VII guns.

I've got a feeling I've seen this photo somewhere else, labelled as Jubilee Battery. The same book says that battery also had 6-inch BL Mark VII guns.

Can anyone confirm the location?

Regards, David

The image came from a 10 volume bound set titled "The War Illustrated" by Hammerton. Mine is an original yellowed and frail war-time paper set published throughout the war by the look of it, originally in a magazine format, but now bound. The volumes cover the whole war and all theatres of it. I saw a modern reprinted edition at give away prices a few years ago in discounted clearance bookshops in the UK. So its probably available in libraries etc.