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Marksman unit

Marksman unit


From left to right. Yam Man Yau. Middle Ray Carpenter. Right Sidney Chow. The wooden boxes are the personal issue weapons box which has the AR 15 or M16. 9mm Sterling MG. Ammunition for both plus cleaning and some boxes had the Bolt Action Remmington Rifle in .223.  All packed and ready to go. Shooting was by Sling, clamp bi-pod or static rest with suede shooting mitt. Also known to be with us were .38 rev. some 9mm semi auto and a selection of sharps/edged knives. Being proficient in knife work was also a requirement. Have you seen the Swiss Guard at the Vatican? they are very good in close quarter knife work and small steel cross bows. Silent and gets you out of close up problems. I had a K-Bar combat 2 flick knives and a G/P knife.

Like to know the number of years the Marksman Unit functioned?...